Transfer Credit Policy

Graduate programs permit up to 12 transfer credits of graduate study from a fully accredited graduate school may be accepted. Students seeking credit for course work completed at other accredited institutions must submit an official transcript sent directly from the institution to Wilmington University and a catalog course description from that institution. Transferred course work must be relevant to the major area of study. Courses graded below a "B" will not be considered. Transfer students must have all transcripts from other accredited institutions in the possession of the Admissions Office or home site office at least two months prior to registration. Failure to attend to this can result in duplication of courses previously completed at those institutions. Credit will not be granted for course duplication.


Additional Transfer Policies

Only courses which are calculated into a student’s cumulative GPA will be considered as possible transfer credits.   Even if a student passes a course with a letter grade, if there are 0 quality points awarded, the course will not be considered


For students transferring credits from a Competency-Based Program, Chairs will review the courses to determine equivalency. Courses graded with a “Pass” will be considered for transfer as long as there is an explanation that a “Pass” is equivalent to at least a “C”.