Grades/Academic Progress

Full-time Graduate Students

Nine credit hours per semester constitutes a full-time graduate course load. For Master of Science in Nursing students, Doctor of Education, Doctor of Business Administration, and Doctor of Nursing Practice students, 18 credit hours over a one-year period constitute full-time status. A course load in excess of 14 credit hours per semester requires the approval of the Academic Dean or Program Chair. Students who are denied approval to take a course load in excess of 14 credits per semester may appeal in writing to the Office of Academic Affairs.

Grading System

Wilmington University utilizes a plus/minus grading system in assessing student achievement. Table 1 specifies grades that are used at the graduate level and the corresponding quality points awarded for each credit hour in which students are enrolled.

Grade Point Average (GPA)

A student’s grade point average (GPA) is obtained by dividing the total number of quality points earned by the total credit hours attempted, excluding courses in which the grade “S” is recorded. For transfer students, credits earned include transfer credits; however, cumulative grade point average is computed only on courses attempted at Wilmington University.

Grades recorded with parentheses indicate prerequisite, post-graduate, and non-credit courses. These credit hours and the corresponding quality points are excluded in the GPA calculation. The grades of “F” and “FA” are used in computing the grade point average. Courses with grades of “F” and “FA” are counted in attempted credit hours and receive zero quality points.

“I” Grade for Incomplete Work

An “incomplete” may be granted with prior approval of the course instructor. If granted, the student must complete course work within the time limitation determined by the instructor up to a maximum of 60 days following the end of the course. After 60 days, incomplete (“I”) grades are converted to a grade of “F” unless the student arranges for an additional extension and the instructor notifies the Office of the Registrar before the initial 60-day period ends.

Table 1. Graduate Grading System

Grade  Numerical  Equivalent  Quality Points  Explanation 
95-100  4.00  Excellent. The student has demonstrated a quality of work and accomplishment far beyond the normal requirements and shows originality of thought and mastery of material.
A-  92-94  3.67  
 B+ 89-91 3.33   
B  86-88  3.00 Good. The student’s achievement exceeds satisfactory accomplishment, showing a clearer indication of initiative, comprehension of material, and the ability to work with concepts.
B-   83-85  2.67  
C+  80-82  2.33  
C 77-79   2.00  
C-  74-76  1.67 Lowest Passing Grade. The student’s accomplishment, while passing in most courses, is deficient. Minimum requirements have been met but without distinction.
F Less than 74   0.00 Failure.
FA    0.00 Failure Due to Absence. Student did not complete a sufficient amount of work to earn a passing grade.
S   0.00 Satisfactory. The student has met expected standards of scholarship. This grade signifies acceptable performance of the course objectives.
U    0.00 Unsatisfactory. The student has not met the minimum course requirements.
   0.00 Incomplete. May be granted with approval of instructor. If granted, student must complete course work within time determined (maximum 60 days following end of course). Failure to complete work in determined time will result in a final grade of "F," unless an additional extension is granted.
IP    0.00 Course in Progress. This grade is specific to Practicums, Internships, and Senior Seminars.
AU    0.00  Audit. Does not yield credit.
W    0.00 Withdraw. No academic penalty.

Pass/Fail Option

Students may gain approval from the Program Chair to enroll in selected courses on a pass/fail basis, provided the course is not a core requirement. This option is limited to two courses, excluding internships. Students will then follow established registration procedures, clearly stating at the time of registration which course is selected as the pass/fail option. Course work is graded “S” (Satisfactory) or “U” (Unsatisfactory).