GRN 9003 Doctor of Nursing Practice Project III

This course continues the DNP project phase of the program. In this final phase of the project, students will utilize evidence-based practice principles and clinical practice inquiry to synthesize and integrate newly acquired knowledge and skills through the evaluation and dissemination of their DNP project. Students will exemplify independent leadership and advanced nursing practice skills through analysis and evaluation of the DNP project outcomes. Students will disseminate their DNP project through a formal scholarly presentation to colleagues and faculty. The final scholarly product will include a description of the results, limitations, conclusions, plan for sustainability, and any applicable funding sources. Approximately 150 practice experience hours aligned with the AACN Essentials will be completed in this course.Note: completion of 1,000 post-baccalaureate practice experience hours and successful completion of the DNP project and presentation are required for graduation.   




GRN 9002