MEE 7632 Language and Literacy

This course explores the development of oral language and literacy skills in children. Candidates develop a practical understanding of structured literacy instruction in major skill domains including phonological and phonemic awareness, phonics and word recognition, fluency, vocabulary, both listening and reading comprehension, and written expression. Specifically, instruction includes a multi-componential instructional focus on all of the following components of evidence-based reading instruction: language acquisition, literacy development, phonological processing, phonics and word recognition development, spelling, fluency, and automaticity development, vocabulary development, text comprehension development, assessment administration, and interpretation, letter formation, orthographic processing, morphological awareness, the structure of language, language-based learning disabilities, written expression, and interventions for struggling readers. Teacher candidates examine language and its relationship to developing literacy in English based on one's native language. Teacher candidates develop an awareness of social and cultural language differences, language acquisition of young children across cultural and linguistic groups, assessment and instructional strategies of language and communication, and facilitation of literacy about the six components of reading.




MED 6102 and MEE 7604