MEE 8805 Performance Assessment

This course provides candidates with essential knowledge and skills related to appropriate assessment strategies and helps candidates understand how to equitably and effectively assess student learning. Candidates learn how to make data-driven decisions that align with both curricular goals and student instructional needs, and to use data to reflect on the effectiveness and quality of their own teaching. Candidates learn how to use data to help solve instructional problems such as closing the learning/achievement gaps that are indigenous to most classrooms. The course aligns with the requirements of Task 2 in PPAT and with elements of PPAT Tasks 3 and 4.  For candidates student teaching in fall 2016 or later, this course must be taken concurrently with Practicum II.




MED 6102, MEE 7604


MEE 7997


Approval from Tyler Wells (Chair - Office of Clinical Studies) required prior to registration. Prerequisite(s): A new Federal and Delaware CBC (Criminal Background Check) Report sent / delivered to the Office of Clinical Studies in its original sealed envelope. A new TB/PPD, Health Authorization Form and completed CPR (Child Protection Registry Form) uploaded into TaskStream. A completed Student Teaching Fieldwork application in TaskStream by the deadlines of February 1 for placement in Fall and August 1 for placement in Spring. At the time of application, candidates must have submitted passing scores and subset scores for Praxis CORE and Praxis II Content Specific Examination. It is the responsibility of candidates to make sure that complete test score reports are provided to the College of Education. All test score requirements for Delaware certification can be viewed at ETS.  Starting Fall 2016, all candidates enrolling into Student Teaching must register and successfully pass the PPAT (Praxis Performance Assessment for Teachers).  Timely registration (deadline) and payment of PPAT is the responsibility of the candidate and occurs online through the website.  Attendance at the Student Teaching Orientation is mandatory.