MSN 8705 Nurse Leadership Capstone I

This capstone course serves as the first part of the MSN Leadership Program's capstone experience.  This process enhancement project focuses on the Process Do Study Act (Performance Improvement/Process Enhancement) project which in Capstone Project I focuses on the plan and do components of problem identification, theoretical research, critical analysis, and literature review in the context of nursing practice, administration, policy, or education. Students will engage in a comprehensive Plan, Do, Study, Act of the chosen topic, laying the foundation for evidence-based practice, ethical considerations, and the integration of leadership strategies.

*This course is aligned with the AACN Essentials (Domains/Competencies/Sub-competencies/Clinical Concepts)




BSN, Admission into MSN Leadership, BSN or acceptance into BSN Dual Credit Advantage, Acceptance in MSN Leadership program, clinical credentialing in compliance, completion of all track specific MSN Leadership courses. Post MSN LDR Certificate admission.